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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ummu Fazwill Halal Certified?

We are a 100% muslim–owned company

Do you have trial service?

Yes, we do, you need to place an order a day before the delivery schedule provided we have a slot.

What is the time of delivery?

Lunch will be delivered from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Dinner will be delivered from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

How do I make a reservation?

You can WhatsApp to 96671011, indicating your address and how many day package you would like to purchase. We will reply accordingly and assist you from there

When should I place the order booking?

We strongly encourage customer to place the order at least 3 months before your EDD so as not to be disappointed

My due date is only an estimate. What happens if I deliver much earlier or later?

Once you have a confirmed booking, we will deliver the meal upon your request, even if it is much earlier or later than the expected due date

How are the meals being delivered?

Our riders are our employees and using our company bike thus there is no sharing of delivery compartment with other vendors. Bags are allocated for delivery. Meals are packed in disposable wares and are delivered in a thermal bag. Please be reminded that the thermal bags are to be returned to our delivery personnel on a daily basis by hanging on the door

How do I activate the service delivery?

Please WhatsApp us at 96671011 one day in advance between 9am to 4pm

When is the balance payment collected?

Balance payment is to be made a day before the meal delivery via Paynow or transfer. We are unable to collect cash

We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not paid on time